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This page lists extra, unofficial supernatural templates (either hosted on an external site or something right here on the wiki) to go right with your World of Darkness core rulebook.

  • Bleach A Storytelling game about Shinigami, Death Gods whose purpose once was keeping the dead in their place and the earth intact. Now, most just run amok and use their power for earthly gains.
  • Changeling: the Delirum An unofficial game designed to allow fans of Changeling: the Dreaming and Dark Ages: Fae to play Changelings in the new World of Darkness. The adaptations done for this setting is an attempt to recognize both the fantastical aspect of Faerie Tales, but also their slightly sinister and somewhat haunting themes of madness. (Formerly Changeling: the Earthbound).
  • Ghost: Final Repose Ghosts as playable characters.
  • Hunchback: The Lurching A Storytelling Game about Hunchbacks, humans twisted and warped by dark spirit powers. This game draws on the archetypes of the Hunchback movie monster traditions, from the bellringing Quasimodo to the quintessential Mad Doctor's servant, but gives these archetypes a GothPunk twist.
  • Mad Scientist: The Experiment It's more than Weird Science, it's MADNESS! With exceprts from RPGNet discussions.
  • Torso: The Rustling Something truly vile. Truly tasteless. "They want what you take for granted, an arm and a leg!"
  • Wraith: the Arising This is a "patch" designed to make player character Wraiths in the new World of Darkness. When the patch is completed, players will have a combination of: the new ghost rules; the old rules and some of the backdrop from W:tO 2nd ed; some of the backdrop and innovations from Orpheus and Exalted: the Abyssals; and a new imagining of the world of the dead for the World of Darkness. Part of the Wraith: Project
  • More Than Human Rules for comic-book style superheroes and villains, using the World of Darkness rules.
  • Chimera Rules Expanded rules to allow for the creation of Chimera as presented in Skinchangers
  • Angel: The Redemption