(Level-Three Crúac Ritual)

Intoning praises to Svarog the fire lord, and calling for his aid, the Koldunya can cause an inanimate object to heat up and eventually combust. This ritual is potentially dangerous in the hands of brash young kindred and it is taught with a measure of prudence. Once a fire is started by Svarog it is no longer under the control of the sorceress who summoned it.

The Koldunya must aquire a number of successes equal to 3 + Durablility + Structure of the object before it will burst into flames after which the flames will run on what fuel the have. If the object in question is not conducive to fire, such as concrete or metal, it will reach a melting stage when its Durability + Structure is reached and it will start to cool immediately after. Those in contact with the object in question may recieve damage from the item being superheated. Anyone in contact with such an item or thing takes 1 lethal wound for every success past the object's Durability. Vampires take aggravated damage from flames that may burst at the end of the ritual's effect, if still in contact with the object in question.

Remember that while some items have no Durability, their size counts towards their structure. For example:

Mother, a powerful inquisitor has been lying to Lester, a brash Strigoi Morti. Lester decides to teach him a lesson and begins to cast Svarog's Hammer on Mother's leather pants. The pants have effectively no Durability but have a size of 3 giving them a structure of 3. Lester will have to generate 6 successes before Mother's pants burst into flame. Mother will probably notice before this as the leather starts to steam and crack.