(Level-Five Crúac Ritual)

By communing with the many spirits of the land, the Koldunya can link with them and share their senses, feeling out the land for a good distance. The senses of spirits are different from most, and do not include sight. Instead the Koldunya feels the surface of every rock, tree and stone within the rituals effect. She can feel where any living creatures are, and can here their sound if she wishes, but that is all. A Koldunya thus empowered is rarely ever lost, unless confounded by other supernatural powers.

This ritual lasts for one scene, and has a range of 1 mile per success in the outdoors, but only 50 feet per success within a building or structure. The Koldunya can make Wits + Composure rolls to focus in on one area of their awareness and perceive it in detail. Otherwise there are too many stimulai to notice everything going on within the Koldunya's range. Moving objects are easier to detect and do not require a roll to be aware of their general localation, but unless the Koldunya focuses, they reveal nothing more about themselves besides relative size. When focusing, the Koldunya projects her sense to a specific spot and has a sense comparable to echolocation, and thus can percive objects physically, but cannot percieve color, or read. While focusing, the Koldunya's normal senses are dormant. Obfuscate still has the ability to confound this power, as it effects the spirits that make it work. The Koldunya may employ Auspex in a focused area however.

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