Path of Cathari.

A Sabbat path that seeks pleasure and consistent behaviour while still claiming that this is evil and inhuman therefore the cathari are inhuman. Occasionally the Cathari claim to serve the Demiurge, the demonic creator of the world according to gnostic mythology and sometimes they claim to test those who are truly "good" by demonstrating the inherent evil of pleasure. Some Cathari believe they are incapable of spiritual insight because of their inherent damnation in their vampiric flesh and because of their pleasure and others seek for spirituallity in pleasure and in the flesh.

The path of Cathari is Satanistic in the sense that it has taken a gnostic morality and twisted it to follow the evil of gnostic morality, the flesh. At the same time it's not Satanistic at all since the Cathari are no infernalists and persecute infernalism as most other sabbat do.

The path of Cathari is almost created by the sabbats creation and at least influenced by it. It is therefore an violent and inhuman path according to some. The path begun as embraced gnostics from the Cathari sect. According to some sources the path of Cathari is an corruption of dark ages via of the Devil or sin and before this corruption it was more human evil path. In the second edition the path of Chatari had the following traits that changed in the revised edition:

  • Belief in their incabaility of spirituality
  • More violent.
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