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Character Edit

  • Merits/Flaws. General merits and flaws, available to any character.
  • Equipment. Statistics and descriptions for stuff you can carry.
  • Templates. Additional "splats" for your game.

Environment Edit

  • Characters. A flurry of NPCs to interact with and get inspiration from.
  • Organizations. Includes groups witch-hunters, secret societies and other groups of humans doing crazy things.
  • Settings. From mysterious places to terrifying locales, this group encompasses a variety of places to experience the World of Darkness.
  • Ghosts. A catch-all category for Numina, ghost NPCs and other wraithy activities.

Gameplay Edit

  • Fanfiction. Because there's not enough fanfiction in your life.
  • Campaigns. Campaign information about your World of Darkness epics.
  • House Rules. Share your own rules that work so well.
    • Quick NPCs: Fast NPC creation rules for the new World of Darkness games.
  • Plots. Plot ideas for your game.
    • Subplots. Subplot ideas to give your game some spice.
  • Storyteller Advice. Advise your fellow STs about running a game.
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