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(Level-Two Crúac Ritual)

After pouring a point of vitae into a blood cauldron, the sorcerer summons a red-eyed crow from the sizzling blood. The crow then single-mindedly seeks out the nearest source of violent conflict. It makes no distinction between active and envitable fights nor does it distinguish between barfights and battlefields. The crow is also corporeal and needs a clear path to its destination.

Once at the conflict, the crow watches over it grimly until it's redirected or dawn comes. It dies (and decays) normally as the first rays of sunlight strike its feathers. If a new, closer fight break out while it is pursuing an initial one, it changes course to the new fight. If the caster does nothing else, she can close her eyes and see what the crow sees, hear what it hears and smell what it smells. The caster is unaware of anything else going on around her while she concentrates on these sensations.

The sorcerer can reorder the crow to seek out a different conflict/battle a number of times equal to the successes rolled beyond the first. It will always pursue the fight that's closest its current position.