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Legacies are mentor-taught ways for mages to craft their own souls to work magic more freely in a particular fashion. They represent the next 'step' down the path of magic. Legacies can be private things, or even secret societies.

General LegaciesEdit

Below are Legacies contributed by members of the WoD Wiki community. Legacies should include all three Attainments, suggested oblations; parent Path (and Order, if applicable) and all prequisites.

Left Handed Fan LegaciesEdit

Here are links to fan made legacies OF EVIL.

  • Nefandi: by DariusSolluman - A Universal Legacy, and their twisted Abyssal Arcanum.
  • Bibliophagi: by 2trick - An Obrimos Legacy centered around the ritual consumption of books.

Official LegaciesEdit

There are five legacies (and two left-handed legaicies) that are fully fleshed out in the MtAw rulebook, those being the Orphans of Proteus, the Perfected Adepts, the Subtle Ones, the Uncrowned Kings, and the Walkers in Mists for the former, and the Scelesti and Tremere Liches for the latter. Additionally, two more legacies are listed for each path but not fleshed out. These legacies may or may not be elaborated on in an official MtAw suppliment. They are as follows for each listed path:

  • Acanthus Legacies: Skald (also Welsh "fili" and Irish "ollamh") and Tamer of Winds.
  • Mastigos Legacies: Clavicularius ("Key-Keeper"), and Sphinx.
  • Moros Legacies: Bokor and Tamer of Stone.
  • Obrimos Legacies: Thrice-Great and Tamer of Fire.
  • Thyrsus Legacies: Dreamspeaker and Tamer of Rivers.