A Storytelling Game of Light and Shadows[edit | edit source]

Every day and night people see strange things. Lights fly across the sky in amazing and impossible formations. Creatures lurk at the edges of forests and lakes. People die in all manner of what should be irrational ways. This forces some into a corner. For others, it forces them to fight.

Hunter: The Vigil is the sixth in the New World of Darkness game line, and the third in their limited cycle games. Players take control of a "hunter" a human being who has realized the full scope of their world, and is willing to fight it off, consequences be damned.

The Hunter[edit | edit source]

You saw your daughter after she'd disappeared, but she'd changed. Maybe she'd gained a sharper set of pearly whites. Maybe she went into a rage near the full moon. Maybe she was able to use her mind to do things you didn't want to see again. Maybe she wasn't even your daughter anymore.

A hunter can come from any walk of life, from a gallant and decorated soldier to a scummy street dealer to a lost vagrant on the streets. They can be any age, any race and gender. Wherever they came from, their old lives are gone now.

Compacts & Conspiracies[edit | edit source]

There are three levels that govern the Vigil in the world. The lowest and loneliest is the solitary hunter cell, a small group who take to their turf with little more than what weapons they can scrounge and what help they can scavenge.

Compacts are regional, even national organizations. Loosely organized and often without central leadership, compacts can be anything from a small confederacy of like-minded cells who agree to handle their own affairs and support each other in times of need, to interstate coalitions organized against general or specific threats.

Conspiracies can arguably be said to control the world against monsters and mayhem. The whispered elite said to control everything from wars to finances to popular culture, Slow to act, they are terrible forces to behold for any who oppose their plans.

Compacts[edit | edit source]

The Baker Street Irregulars: A loose collection of defective detectives, these slasher-focused savants focus on the more mundane aspects of the World of Darkness, but not without certain strange cases to pay the bills as well.

SG-14: Germany's answer to bumps in the night, "The Bund" has divided itself ostensibly to avoid treading darker paths. But the problems with such divisions are rapidly gaining on them.

The DiFillipo Family: Organized criminals in the know, "The Outfit" has found that shaking down the monsters is better for everyone than trying to kill the creatures of the night.

Conspiracies[edit | edit source]

KSI 21: The Russian Federation's defense against the ghosts of both the past and present, KSI 21 uses occult technology to send agents deep into Twilight, seeking to separate the dead from the soon-to-be dead.

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