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••• Vampiric Merit
Author: Lost Shadow

While all newly embraced kindred find their senses have improved, occasionally a kindred finds her senses unnaturally suited for the hunt. When she stretches her senses out for the hunt, she also draws upon the beast allowing it closer to the hunt. Under the beast’s influence, she finds that she can better hunt down her prey. Looking across the room, she’ll notice the heat given off by her prey. When chasing down her prey, she’ll notice the trail of heated footprints leading away. As she closes in for the kill, she’ll hear the drumming heartbeat of her terrified prey. Kindred who have developed these sense often find uses for them outside of tracking down their prey. They could notice the glow of a recently fired gun laying in the trash, or the cold spot of a gun under someone’s jacket.

Allowing the beast closer to the surface does have a few disadvantages. Once she enlists its aid, the kindred notices the beast’s desire to hunt and kill washing over her. This desire causes her to reflexively bare her fangs and become so focused on the hunt that her vision tunnels. Additionally her hold on the beast weakens, and thus causes all frenzy checks suffer a -1 penalty.