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Mediator's Balm Edit

Merit Cost: 2
Prerequisites: Manipulation 3, Empathy 2
Effect: Your character can understand how to calm heated emotions during any kind of negotiation. You can make a Manipulation + Empathy roll whenever tempers flare because the wrong thing was said or too much was asked for. If the roll is successful the heated person will calm down enough to listen quickly to your character's apology or explanation.
Dramatic Failure: Your character makes the situation worse by adding in words that compound the insult tenfold. In a social setting, the insulted party will leave immediately. If the setting was more underground or illegal expect a full-blown fight to break out. The contact will never want to meet with the insulter and your character again.
Failure: The insulted party ignores your character's efforts.
Success: Your character gains the attention of the insulted party and will momentarily think about the explanation or apology provided. The worst thing that can happen is the insulted party will leave peacefully but expect the group to make amends at a later time.
Exceptional Success: Your character says exactly what the insulted person needed to hear. Negotiations and discussions return to normal.