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  • ==Spirit Type==
  • There are simply different types of spirits in the World of Darkness, listed below by Type, Home reality and the type of energy they use, either essence, mana, plasm or glamour.
  • *'''Angel''' (Aether, Mana): These spirits are beings of pure force and power, and often have strong convictions (usually their Virtue) that they openly force upon the world.
  • *'''Demon''' (Pandemonium, Mana): These spirits are coniving decievers and forces in the shadows, trying to sow the seeds of their cause (usually their Vice) among the mortal population.
  • *'''Fae''' (Arcadia, Glamour): These creatures are beings of pure dream, existing purely because humanity wishes they did... or wishes they didn't.
  • *'''Ghost/Shade''' (Stygia, Plasm): These are powerful memories of things that once were who refuse to be forgotten, either by force of will or supernatural entrapment.
  • *'''Shadow''' (Abyss, Essence): These are anti-spiritual beings, the antimatter to spiritual matter, existing purely to destroy what already exists.
  • *'''Spirit''' (Primal Wild, Essence): These are spiritual incarnations of living ideas born of the world, and thus are obsessed on being all they can be, from the lowliest pebble spirit trying to be as solid as it can to the great murder spirit killing all it can.
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