To make WoD Wiki easy to navigate, we ask that you follow our format for adding entries.

On the appropriate page under an appropriate subcategory (if there's enough entries to justify subcategories), add your contribution link, your name and a one to two sentance description like so:

W[edit source]

  • If you reference any other entry in the wiki, be sure to link to it with brackets [[like this]].
  • To make the bullet at the begining of the entry, use a * directly before the link.
  • To start creating your entry, save the changes on the category page and then click the link (which should be red) to start making it. Click here for more information about creating a new page.
    • If the link is already blue, that means that name is already taken.
      • Try adding a game abbreviation to the end like this: [[Dance of the Mongols (nWoD)|Dance of the Mongols]]; that beginning portion will not appear on the link but will link to that url. It will look like this: Dance of the Mongols.
      • You can also try using a version number (as in, v2, v3 and so on).
      • Or you can add a category qualifier if the name is taken for the same game (as in Covanent or Gift and so on).

In addition, we ask that your entries follow the format in their respective entries in the White Wolf books. This should make it easy on the eyes for those wanting to experience your great ideas.

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