General[edit source]

Users of WoD Wiki are expected to refrain from

  • Revert/Edit wars ?
  • Offensive behavior ?
  • Leaving unsigned posts on talk pages ?

Special[edit source]

Beyond the normal wiki etiquette of civility and respect, this wiki has a unique challenge. Since every page of the database is original material, other users need to respect other authors' styles and tastes. Unlike other wiki projects, there is no right and wrong. Only different.

However some entries are more different than others. Those who want to create entries for others to use would be well-advised to allow changes to be made and criticism to be shared. To accomodate those that want to maintain their original work and those that want to call upon the wisdom of crowds, the WoD Wiki uses this very simple format.

  • If you want your page to be freely edited, do nothing special.
  • If you want to limit editing to grammer, formatting and spelling, add the Keep Pristine template at the top of your entry: {{Keep Pristine}}
  • If you feel the entry really needs reworking, make your own version.

No article should be barred from being discussed on a Talk Page and such discussions should take place before any editing to the entry (except spelling, grammer and other such things).

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.