(Level-Four Crúac Ritual)

Within the grasp of the wind god, The Koldunya can travel great distances. The Koldunya's body becomes ephemeral and travels through the sky at great speeds, landing and instantly becoming material in a flash.

Using this ritual takes the Koldunya's action and causes the sorceress to move to a predetermined destination at speeds comparable to 50 mph/73 yards per turn (that of a strong gust). The Koldunya's body is immaterial for the duration, becoming like a faint whisp of smoke or vapor that is blown across strong winds. The ritual ends when the Koldunya reaches the stated destination or after a number of rounds equal to the successes achieved. If the Koldunya has not reached the destination at the end of a number of rounds equal to the successes achieved, then she must roll again to stay adrift for the new successes in rounds. If she makes no successes, she lands safety on the ground at the end of the last round. Using this ritual indoors is dangerous as the Koldunya moves so fast that he has no control over where she lands and the winds that carry her buffet her about. Nor can the Koldunya use this ritual to enter a building or other structure from outside even through an open door or window. Those that try stop just short of where they intended to enter.