Equipment makes a person's abilities better. It can allow a character to see in the dark, find hidden objects, or simply add a benefit to normal actions such as climbing a cliff.

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Equipment can be found in the World of Darkness Corebook starting on pg. 139. The most basic Equipment is simply to add to specific dice rolls, such as getting a die or two for having a grappling hook when attempting to climb a wall. More complex Equipment can give a user abilities, such as being able to see in the dark with night goggles.

The Format for Creating EquipmentEdit

Equipment added to the Forge should be created as close to this format as the author deems possible so as to ensure a homogeneous quality of work.

1. Create a link to your Equipment's page by typing [[Equipment:NameOfEquipment|NameOfEquipment]] under a heading. An example is [[Equipment:LaserPointer|Laser Pointer]].

2. Copy the following format onto the Equipment's page and fill it in.

[[Equipment|Back to Equipment]]

=== NameOfEquipment ===
Durability #, Size #, Structure #, Cost # <br>
'''Function:''' Function, mechanic, and flavor text

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  • Thermite?

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