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(Level-One Crúac Ritual)

Practioners of Crúac learned long ago that certain items can enhance the Discipline's power once properly enchanted. The ritual requires the sorcerer to heat a metal container that can hold at least a few gallons of liquid (commonly a cauldron but in the past few centuries pots and even woks have proven successful) and drip a point of vitae into it, watching it sizzle as the magic takes hold. It was probably the use of this magic that gave rise to the motiff of the witch hovering over a cauldron; an image that dominates the view of the Circle. The cauldron reminds enchanted until sunrise.

For any ritual that does not require the blood to be applied any particular place (merely "spent") nor requires a Blood Cauldron, the ritualist may instead drip the required blood into the enchanted container (which no longer has to be heated). For every success the sorcerer recieved on the activation roll is an additional die she can add to the agumented ritual. These bonus dice cannot exceed five.

Example: Mary the Widow Watcher's meditation is suddenly interrupted when a Ventrue Inquistor bursts through the door. Unfortunately for him, Mary's sitting over her blood cauldron that she enchanted earlier that night and with a bite of her wrist she pours a point of vitae in it to activate Rigor Mortis on the intruder. As the blood magically sizzles on the now cool surface, Mary's player rolls her normal Manipulation + Occult + Crúac (7) plus her successes on the blood cauldron ritual (3) minus her target's Composure (2) for a total of eight dice instead of five.

For every three previous times the sorcerer used a particular container for this ritual, the dice pool to activate the power increases by one (to a max of five dice). This bonus decreases by one for every lunar cycle the container remains unchanted. Particularly well used containers slowly become darker and more sinister in appearance as they adopt the inhumanity of Crúac's blood magic.