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The World of Darkness is a big place, with an occult history shrouded in mystery. Aside from the big five, there are other covenants. Some were lost to time, others suffer through the centuries, a small number are born each night, and a precious few endure the ages. This is a collection of these ancient, new, and unknown covenants.

  • Ars Euthanatosia Mundi. By VladtheBad. A secret Covenant of Vampires that seek to bring the apocalypse fortold in the Book of Revelations and the Second Coming of Christ. Their history is intertwined with the more well known Sangiovanni Bloodline of the Mehket.
  • The Swimmers of the Styx. By Black Frank. An ancient, near defunct covenant of sailors, swimmers, and mermaids. They travel the world by swimming in animal forms and captaining ghoul crewed ships.