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Love one of your NPCs, or even one of your PCs? Want to show him, her, or it off to the rest of the world? Well here's your place to tell us all about them, their lives, unlives, struggles, mishaps, victories, defeats, you name it. Feel free to cross reference your entry with entries in Characters, Ghouls and, oh yes, Antagonists. For help with formatting, you may wish to use Dominique Paquin's nice web web-based vampire character creation utility.

Daeva Edit

Gangrel Edit

  • Adriana Rietz. A desperate Invictus who steals from the elderly for their prescriptions to sell on the street.

Mehket Edit

Nosferatu Edit

  • Dr. Steven Lacey-Morotrophian Bloodline Head of Psychology Department in Eidelon General Hospital.

Ventrue Edit

  • Richard Babbit - Author: LostShadow - A neonate ventrue who took one to many trips to the Big Apple.
  • Harry Fuse. By Atlastawake. A jaded physicist with a new respect for religion and a desperate hunger for politics.

Uncompleted Concepts Edit