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(Level-Two Crúac Ritual)

Developed in the Middle Ages to keep tabs on the Lancea Sanctum that would hunt down the Circle, bloodstones have proved so useful their commonplace may prove to be their undoing. Most Kindred with a passing familiarity with the occult (Occult 2) will recognize such a stone easily...if they are looking for one.

By infusing a small rock (about half the size of a man's thumb) with their vitae, the sorcerer mystically knows where the stone is at all times. This does not mean they instantly know its exact location, only the distance and direction it lies. Minor deviations in location (about a yard in one direction or another) does not register as a change in the mind of the user. In other words, the location has a slight error. Bloodstones are commonly used as tracking devices or as markers to remind a Kindred where they buried an embarressing secret.

The sorcerer places the stone and one point of his vitae in a sealed earthen jar. If left undisturbed for 24 hours, the stone "sucks up" all the blood, leaving faint crimson veins along its exterior. Any Kindred that's examining the stone and succeeds at a Knowledge + Occult + Crúac roll identifies that the stone is under some kind of Crúac spell (and knows the ritual if they have at least a dot in Crúac). The stone otherwise looks and feels normal.

Each success on the Manipulation + Occult + Crúac roll adds one month to the duration of the bloodstone. When that time expires, the stone becomes inert as the veins burst and blood seeps out. This can be particularly surprising to a Kindred who wasn't aware of the stone and suddenly discovers a pool of blood in the trunk of their car.