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Bloodlines are small groups of related vampires in a given clan whose blood has changed in some way to make them different from their clan mates, usually resulting in proclivity for an extra discipline and the saddling of extra weakness. Some bloodlines are intentionally created, others are the results of accidents, but any vampire of suffiant blood potency can create a bloodline with time and experimentation.

Bloodlines are an optional addition to a chronicle. They can add depth a to VtR chronicle by making the five clans more diverse. Where as the five clans represent vampire archetype (the succubi, the animal, the shadow, the monster, and the lord), a bloodline refines these archetypes or gives them a new spin.

Official BloodlinesEdit

There are five bloodlines that are fully fleshed out in the VtR rulebook, the Bruja, the Burakumin, the Malkovians, The Morbus, and the Toreadors. There are also bloodlines listed in every clan section that are for the storyteller to adapt for themselves. These bloodlines will never be elaborated on in an official VtR suppliment. They are as follows for each listed clan:

Daeva Bloodlines: The Duchange, The Xiao.

Gangrel Bloodlines: The Anavashra, the Anubi, the Matasuntha, the Taifa.

Mekhet Bloodlines: The Agonistes, The Mnemosyne, The Norvegi, The Sangiovanni.

Nosferatu Bloodlines: The Acteius, The Baddacelli, The Noctuku, the Yagnatia.

Ventrue Bloodlines: The Cassius, The Licinii, The Beni Murrahim, the Rötgrafen, The Malocusians.

Some Forum Boards including the,, and to a lesser extent the Vampire: the Requiem forums, have posted versions of these bloodlines.'s bloodlines are voted on for inclusion in an E-book.

Fan BloodinesEdit

Here are links to fan made bloodlines that people want to contribute. They may include disciplines, devotions and/or ritual sorceries (like Crúac or Theban Sorcery) as well.

  • The Cathexians: a bloodline of insane Ventrue that practice an insanity-inducing discipline of nightmarish and diseased origins. By BRANDECHH.
  • The Guevara: The Guevara are a Mexican Bloodline with roots that stretch back to the Conquistadors. They are a criminal family of corrupt Vampires who have devised potent powers over Blood itself, and are said to have been spawned from clan Mekhet. By Santino Guevara.
  • The Oikodomos: a bloodline of flesh-crafters. By BRANDECHH.
  • The Strigoi: two bloodlines, one Nosferatu, one Ventrue, who claim to have one founder. They are inspired by the Tzimisce of Vampire: The Masquerade. By VladtheBad.
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