(Level-Two Crúac Ritual)

The Strigoi have long dealt with invaders in their lands. By use of this ritual, the Koldun awakens the dorment spirits of his haven to better protect and aid the sorcerer. These spirits will warn him of guests at the door, or approaching enemies. Minor feats of movement are also possible by the spirits of the house. Candles or lights might light themselves, doors may close shut and even lock themselves, rooms may seem comfortable or cold for no reason. All in all such effects are comparable with a minor haunting and are not usually enough to cause damage or harm an unwelcome guest, just impede them.

This ritual encompasses one building down to its foundation, and lasts until the next night, and thus must be performed nightly in order to be maintained. While the spirits of the building in question can be many and varied they often have a group personality and presense. They may not always serve to the best of their ability, but they are assumed to be faithfull to the Koldun as if bound by a Vinculum. The Power, Finesse, and Resistance of this group presence are determined by divying the successes from the roll. No one attribute can be higher than the Koldun's Cruác level.