Animals are everywhere. Antagonists may keep them as guardians or unusual pets. To ignore them may severely cripple any group that wanders unknowingly into danger. Players may also have a trained pet, especially with supernatural animal kenning powers. Finally, the presence of animals in a foreign area, such as a jungle, may bring new dimensions of realism to the table.

Animal Format Edit

Creating AnimalsEdit

Animals are very simple characters in the World of Darkness. They can be found in the World of Darkness Corebook on pages 202-03. Please note that the Dog and Raven's Resolve has been lowered from 4 to 3 in official errata, for comparison purposes.

The Format for Creating AnimalsEdit

Animals added to the Forge should be created as close to this format as the author deems possible so as to ensure a homogeneous quality of work.

1. Create a link to your Animal Character's page by typing [[Animals:NameOfAnimal|NameOfAnimal]] under a theme heading. An example is [[Animals:RingtailedLemur|Ringtailed Lemur]].

2. Copy the following format onto your character's page and fill it in.

[[Animals|Back to Animals]]

=== NameOfAnimal ===
'''Description:''' Flavor Text <br>
'''Attributes:''' Attribute # <br>
'''Skills:''' Skill (specialty) # <br>
'''Willpower:''' # <br>
'''Initiative:''' # <br>
'''Defense:''' # <br>
'''Speed:''' # (species factor +/- #)<br>
'''Size:''' # <br>
'''Weapons/Attacks:''' <br>
Type, Damage, Size, Special, Dice Pool # <br>
'''Health:''' # <br>

Domestic Animals Edit

North American Animals Edit

Tropics Animals Edit

Alligator. By Ravious.

African Big Game Animals Edit

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